We are Ghost Writer, Inc., not Rainbow anymore!

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By Karen Cole

Hi! We used to be Rainbow Writing, Inc., a famous Internet-based freelance ghostwriting agency. I am on the Web as an affordable ghostwriter, rewriter, copyeditor and proofreader of book manuscripts, and I have performed many other types of freelance and contracted writing jobs. I usually only take credit as the “editor” when I ghost write or copyedit for an author, and my fees are lower than industry standard rates for most ghost writers, rewriters, copy editors and proofreaders. The rest of our 100+ member team also charges only affordable, reasonable rates, while giving you the best in professional freelance customer services.

Please visit our website at www.rainbowriting.com for more info about Ghost Writer, Inc. We perform affordable, inexpensive freelance copy writing, ghostwriting, copyediting, proofreading, analysis and full professional formatting for books, memoirs and screenplays, and we do many other writing-related services for inexpensive prices. We offer you free links exchanges and many other professional services such as queries, book proposal creation, graphics and photography, literary agency, marketing, sales, promotions, commercial or self publishing, and optioning or production assistance. We may even be able to arrange a TV show, film, video or movie to be made from your book, and we can arrange professional services that present and pitch your work to major TV and film industry executives, too!

I have won many awards for my journalism, poetry and other writing and editing work. I am multiply published and have had my own novels, novellas, short stories and articles commercially published. I am currently working on “The Rainbow Horizon,” a humorous fiction novel set in a small town in Washington State. I have contributed to national and international magazines and newspapers, as well as a multitude of online literary publications.

I am always on the lookout for new projects and first time clients.


We are a professional, affordable online freelance and contracted book and manuscript authors, ghostwriters, copyeditors, proofreaders, rewriters, coauthors, co-writers, graphics and CAD artists, publishing assistants, marketers and promoters writing services agency.

We have access to writers and editors with decades of experience in a wide variety of areas, and we set out to both serve your best interests and make our own ways in the professional world of writing and the arts. We always ask for upfront payments, as we need to remain strictly professional; but in some cases, an upfront payment can be accompanied by an “on spec” or percentage payment for the right type of work.

If you deal with us, you will find warm and human professional conduct, as we help both first-time and current book authors ghost write and otherwise copy edit their books as our main services. We charge commensurate to your budget without undercutting our own professional work as much as humanly possible. Let us know what you have set aside for your overall project work, and we will work within your parameters.

We ask you to consider our services by providing free samples of our work done on your preliminary writing. We also provide extensive phone contact, Skype, IM exchanges and ample note taking when appropriate, and expert, excellent ghost writing and editing services throughout your entire project. We prefer to do as much over the Internet as possible, although we can help to prepare your writing over the phone if required.

We have recently optimized our websites to accommodate the need for proper search engine optimization, and we have a steady stream of clients coming in on a regular basis. You may enter this client stream by emailing ghostwriter@rainbowriting.com. Your letter will usually be answered immediately – and I will do my utmost to find someone on our team to assist you. When I am available, I will even take on your job myself, giving you great quality services stemming from my career of 30+ years as a freelance writer and over a decade of positive book ghost writing and editing award-winning expertise.

So, if you have an original new novel idea, a draft screenplay, some fine art you need done, music or lyrics you need composed, or a marketing campaign to be initiated, developed or created, please contact us. And thank you very much for considering our ghostwriting agency’s services.