NYT Bestselling Ghostwriter | Book Editor

Hi, I’m Karen Cole. While I’m a professional book writer, this matters to you as a newbie or even as a published book author. I am a name bestselling ghostwriter, well known within certain published circles. I work with select clients for $5,000 to $20,000 USD per 100-400 page manuscript – less for some types of book doctoring and editing projects – not the hugely gouging amounts of $50,000 to $200,000 most other name ghost writers command. But what matters most of all is exactly how you are going to prepare, distribute and sell your next book, whether you need ghost writing or only editing services from me.

This is due to the fact books often sell as widely as they used to in the good old days. It’s just largely a change in how books are presented to the public anymore. The modern book market churns out millions of 99 cent eBooks every year. Many printed copies start out at $20+, but it’s only a matter of time before their sales drop dramatically. It takes about one year for this pitfall to occur, potentially six months at the most. So you should strategically arm yourself with publishing market knowledge, researching every accessible method of getting your book together and out there in front of the public eye.

As a NYT bestselling ghostwriter who cannot discuss her most prevalent work deeply with anyone other than my authors and their publishing companies, I can still give you plenty of samples related to people who don’t mind sharing their info. Just review my portfolio at the My Samples tab on our Ghost Writer, Inc. website. When you visit there, you can also research the anonymous work of our other ghosts, under the Our Samples tab. And you can fill out our Contact page by clicking the link below. Check out the whole site:


You will see that I have accumulated a 30+ year long career as a book ghostwriter and editor; plus by scanning our entire website, you will see how I run a team of 130+ book, screenplay and music field related ghosts, editors, marketers, cover artists, publishers etc. If you don’t want to hire my services or need other ones, just ask me about things! We can find you exactly what you need, no matter the problem. The only one we can’t solve is working for free, or for on spec / percentage payments. All of us work for upfront pay, so do keep that in mind when requesting our services. A few of us still do celebrity books for on spec, but this means books that are extremely likely to make a huge profit.

I can help you swiftly at a nice pace, or slowly assist you in creating a memoir, fiction, nonfiction or other related project – as a NYT bestselling ghostwriter who has plenty of work displayed on Amazon, Smashwords, various other Internet sites, and other planetary venues that will blast, blare, whisper, provoke, tease, tantalize or spontaneously play to the audience of your strongest and most rational desires, hopes and expectations.

I can’t guarantee any million copy bestseller status. That isn’t how it’s done in the traditional publishing industry. But I can help you dream big, or we can simply find you an easy way to get your work out to the general public – in a manner suited to your liking. This will forever involve strict professionalism, courtesy and confidentiality on each of our parts. You will work closely with us, and we will work closely with you, in all cases.

Your book will be your own, under your published name, or it can also be shared with me or one of our team members on your book cover. This gets nowhere near precluding pay – be prepared to spend sporadically focused large amounts of time, money, sweat and effort on your book, screenplay, music and related projects when working with my company. I will not rest until you are published somewhere, so your book will always find a home with Ghost Writer, Inc. We are on the Internet under that name – Google me!

So tell me what you think: hire a NYT bestselling ghostwriter today. Rather than being sorry, you will have embarked on the thrilling adventure of a lifetime…no matter what happens, including the magically appearing smile of a sudden overnight success!