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What’s the difference between a Freelance Writer and a Freelance Ghost Writer?

Nowadays, the two varieties of writing are somewhat comparable. When you are a freelance writer, you can put your own name on the piece usually. And usually when you’re a ghost writer for a blog, article or other writing piece, you don’t run your name at all. This is the main difference in some ways, but there are some other differences besides whether or not your name is fully credited.

When you are a freelance writer, you can work for anyone anytime under your own duress by finding jobs on the Internet and via writers’ magazines, publishing houses and other places. When you’re a ghost writer it can be harder to locate work, and you will want to run a website of your own on the Internet advertising your services.

Both a freelance writer and a ghost writer can find work advertised on Internet writing services such as Freelancers and These services don’t pay top dollar, and you generally make a lot more ghostwriting on your own instead.

How does a Freelance Ghost Writer get paid?

A ghost writer charges upfront and on spec to ghost write or edit for clients, and their clients are considered to be the original authors of their written works. Charging upfront enables ghost writers to be assured of payment for their ghost writing work. This method also works for freelance writers, but can vary according to what service or client the writer works for.

Ghost writers don’t often take on spec or percentage work nowadays due to the large turnover of books every year. On spec doesn’t guarantee payment, as it’s based on sales of the book or other writing property. The book author client, however, usually does get paid a percentage of book sales by a commercial book publisher.

Sometimes a book advance is offered to both the book author and the ghostwriter. This is in the case of a “red hot” property – one by a celebrity or about a timely news event or popular cause. Percentage payments to a freelance ghost writer work when the property is likely to sell, such as to a particular business’s readymade audience.

How do you become a Freelance Ghost Writer – what are the steps?

It’s usually best to be a freelance writer for several years, getting steady gigs at magazines and other places if possible. While being published under your own name, before you become a freelance ghost writer. Publishing houses often hire ghosts to spruce up their incoming book manuscripts. These often need re-edited and gone over, such as the thorough rewriting of good ideas and premises. They were originally poorly written, edited and proofread – more work needs to be done to make them presentable to readers.

Both literary agents and commercial publishing houses have been known to hire a freelance ghost writer for important and special projects. They also use in-house ghosts to go over work coming in from the slush piles. Some disreputable agencies will only offer to read over incoming work if the book author hires the agency’s ghostwriter or book editor. This is not standard practice, and is typically frowned upon. A literary agent or commercial book publisher should not ask you for a reading fee. Or any money to hire a freelance or in-house ghostwriter either, in any case.

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