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IT ISN’T A GOOD IDEA, so they say. Professional ghostwriter, you scoff? Definitely, you need to hire a professional quality book editor, or other type of ghostwriter. For any kind of ghost writing, editing, marketing or commercial publishing services. Because you will get shoddy, inferior work if you aren’t willing to pay a reasonable amount  for it. A professional book ghost is a somebody, not a nobody. But Ghost Writer, Inc. charges you only what you can afford – laid out in a legal, binding contract…

CHEAP GHOST WRITER – Professional Ghostwriter?

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What is a Book Ghostwriter?

By Karen S. Cole – bestseller book ghostwriter at affordable rates. I know what is a book ghostwriter through and through. Been one since 2003 and before.

I am a book ghost writer. One bestselling, experienced, affordable ghostwriter!

Those are both prolific and rare, nowadays. Prolific due to the high levels of competition. Rare, because it is hard to find a good book ghostwriter whenever you happen to need one. I have several returning clients, due to the hard work I perform for them.

What is a Book Ghostwriter – what does one do, to cause so much discomfort among certain people? What kind? Those who think non-writers should always write their own books. So – what is a book ghostwriter for? Making money? Stereotype: women aren’t supposed to make money, or to run important ghostwriting matters.

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Affordable Book Editor

Affordable book editor for your book ghostwriting or editing project…

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By Karen Cole – 

affordable book editor

You can hire us as your affordable book editor. Ghostwriting is a serious business, one which requires you to spend money. Most ghost writing agencies and many of the private, individualized ghost writers on the Internet charge an arm and a leg for their ghostwriting services.

What can you do to avoid this? Agencies such as Freelancer or Guru, paper mills with no end in sight, take your money quickly and give you a poorly written product; they appear everywhere. They outsource to India and China, and use robots and IT. Large, non-personal book editing and ghostwriting services typically gouge you out, in other words.

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