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What’s a Book Ghost Writer? Who are you, what do you do? How are you any different than the other ones? Why does Ghost Writer, Inc. work?

Book Ghostwriters are Professional, Affordable and Reasonable Too…

book ghost writer

Book Ghostwriter for Pay and for Profit. 

By Karen S. Cole, ghost writing since 2003 in 2017 – 2018 with 250+ GWI Referral Team ghostwriting professionals. Access to 15,000+ more writers, editors and others in our expanded network. As book ghostwriters we refer to private shortlist networks, dozens of top literary agents, commercial publishers, bestselling ghosts and NYT and Amazon bestseller book authors. With the full capacity to assist you for affordable rates and fees. We don’t do on spec, percentages or partnerships most of the time. Some people want a personal relationship – I’m more than happily married.

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Amazon Bestselling Ghostwriter


By Karen S. Cole

Amazon Bestselling Ghostwriter


Thank you very much for visiting our GWI Blog Website. I am Karen S. Cole, Name Book Ghostwriter and Amazon Bestselling Ghostwriter. I have also had my “edited” books listed on the NYT Bestseller Lists, for both fiction and nonfiction. However, nowadays I usually send my incoming job leads and client prospects out to my list of NYT and Amazon bestselling ghostwriters on our Ghost Writer, Inc. team. This is a growing list, and any available freelancer NYT and Amazon bestselling ghostwriters and editors are free to apply at GWI, adding themselves to one of the top book ghostwriting teams in the entire world.

This includes but is NOT limited to: Kerry Z. of NYC, Bonnie H. of the LA region, Al E., business writer extraordinaire of Canada, Carmen B. who does best seller friendship books, Dean S., another business bestselling ghostwriter, George M., million copy multiple fiction novels, Lew O. the award-winning screenwriter, Maya B., bestseller and award-winner of the science fiction realm (Batman, Star Trek adaptations), Rusty F., NYT bestselling ghostwriter of books and proposals for books, Victor O, bestselling in fiction and politics who has written multiple speeches for famous politicos, Linda and Helene, bestselling ghostwriters and rock star promoters, Jake, best seller music bio and memoir ghostwriter, etc.

All of these fine NYT and Amazon bestselling ghostwriting professionals, writers and editors of long standing, are experienced, witty, charming and attractive, and will do a more than serviceable job on your project, enabling sales and repeat business if needed. We will help you pen your memoirs, for example, for families, life stories, biographies and autobiographies. GWI does all kinds of professional writing work, such as book coaching, book editing, manuscript analysis or appraisals, and affordable book marketing and publishing services. We will fulfill your expectations and dreams of stories to leave to your children, family, colleagues and posterity, and hopefully assist you in creating mounting sales potential as well, if that is what you are truly seeking. We can also just help you pen a nice memoir for your family.

So…hire a book ghostwriter, find a book ghostwriter, or otherwise research, apply yourself or seek to find a book ghostwriter through Ghost Writer, Inc. GWI will find you the best ghostwriter or ghost writer on our team, the one who fits the special type (fiction or nonfiction), genre (science fiction, science fact, fantasy, urban reality, steampunk, graphic novel, coffee table picture book, military work, chick lit, general literature, you name it) of work you do.

GWI also handles professionally formatting book manuscripts for publishing, ghostwriting and editing scripts and screenplays, music and lyrics ghost and editing work, and many other types of freelance jobs. We also do marketing, promotions, assistance with script optioning, sales assistance, publishing assistance for self, independent, boutique and commercial publishing…whatever you need. Our NYT and Amazon bestselling ghostwriters will assist you, capably and professionally. Hire your book or other ghostwriter through GWI!