Ghost Write

Ghost Write or ghost write? By a book ghost writer or ghostwriter.

By Karen S. Cole – I ghost write or assist for books, screenplays, music and other freelance writing / editing projects. All for upfront payment only – most of the time…

Why do I ghost write – what’s in it for me?

This time of year, I start thinking how grateful I am. I can ghost write, and I’m a book ghost writer. It’s a fairly steady job, pursuit and income, and it’s the culmination of what I have always dreamed about. I first became a professional freelance writer in 1980. The hours were long, and I had to answer to a managing editor or other boss. Now I am able to be my own boss, set my own pay and hours, etc.

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Ghostwriter Professional – What we will do for you!

What can we do for you, as your ghostwriter professional? Read on…

By Karen Cole – 

ghostwriter professional

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I am writing this article under request by someone who needed some integral questions about ghostwriting answered. I am going to take on these questions one at a time, and try to answer them as fully as a ghostwriter professional can.

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