GWI Statement Purpose Book Ghostwriters


GWI Statement Purpose Book Ghostwriters
I’m a professional book ghostwriter since 2003, freelance writer as of 1980. I’m the aging but proud Granny Ghostwriter (LOL :0) who serves your needs.

Are you in need of a great, experienced book ghostwriter? Do you have a novel idea deep within you? We will help you unearth, polish and make it shine! As a book ghostwriter who offers you the best ghostwriting services, my job is to determine what work I can do for you as an affordable professional ghostwriter. I also run an agency staffed with book, screenplay and music ghostwriters – capable as I am of churning out great written copy.

The ones at the bottom end of the scale are student book ghostwriters, and they are all experienced and published. The ones at the top are NYT and Amazon bestselling ghostwriters, who can help you at reasonably affordable rates. And we have middle of the road book ghostwriters, editors and other professionals. They have lots of experience, and like me they charge less for their services. I am a book ghostwriter of long standing, over a decade, and I’ve been a freelance writer since before 1980.

What is hire ghostwriting services like at Ghost Writer, Inc.?

Nothing comes for free in this world; it’s largely a matter of “you get what you pay for.” Our writers are multifaceted, witty, charming and deserving of your consideration, polite devotion and legitimate payment plans. It’s entirely up to you to determine what you can afford. When you hire a book ghostwriter through GWI, you will find the best ghostwriting services that cater to your dreams and desires. You are guaranteed to find a good or great book ghostwriter here at Ghost Writer, Inc.

You will not experience any major delays, over-payment or inadequate writing – instead, you will be deeply satisfied. The closer you work with one of our best book ghostwriters, the happier you will be with the best of our ghostwriting services. We will professionally guide you through the entire ghostwriting, editing, marketing, promotions and publishing processes. From start (a book outline, chapter outline, background docs and a timeline) to finish (published full-color copies, ebooks, audiobooks on CD, etc.) Any book ghost writer on our team is multiply published. You will only receive top quality ghostwriting services from GWI.

What are you like at GWI Statement Purpose Book Ghostwriters LOL :0) Keywords Sheesh!!!

We will be the right kind of Writer, Editor, Marketer or other worker for you, for decent professional Ghost Writer Fees. Just commit yourself to reasonable, fair, timely, innovative and polite business practices. Be as upbeat, caring and professional with us as you should be. You will receive the same joyful attitude from Ghost Writer, Inc. We’ve made long-term friendships and partnerships right here online, through our ethical, honest hard work. Join our friendly, satisfied clientele today!

Just talk to us, using any of the methods you see here. Talk to me through our blue Chat window, or type in your info through the form on the right side of this page. You can go up to our CONTACT tab (in the blue, thick links bar near the top of each page) and fill out a much longer, more detailed form. My email address is (only one “w”, please!) My phone is (425) 205-9707. Call and leave me a detailed message, including your name, purpose of the call, and a great time and date to get back to you soon. We will be there with our book and other affordable ghostwriting services!

We can help you get up and running overnight on self-publishing services like Amazon’s CreateSpace, Mark Coker’s Smashwords, Booktango or For a small preparations fee each time. No matter what, we will find your work a home and get you published…hire a bestselling book ghostwriter at Ghost Writer, Inc. today!