Hire a Ghostwriter

Hire a Ghostwriter…

hire a ghostwriter

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For your book, screenplay, music or lyrics project…

By Karen Cole – 

Why would you want to hire a ghostwriter?

You are a book author, and you’ve completed manuscripts on your own. Yet, you’ve seldom or never managed to land a literary agent or commercial publisher, though you’ve submitted several times. And you have heard that if you hire a ghostwriter, you can create a more professional, presentable book manuscript. One that literary agents and commercial publishers will sit up and pay attention to – and not throw away. This is true; when you hire a ghostwriter, you are hiring a seasoned professional with many years of experience ghostwriting and editing books for clients.

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Hire a Ghost Writer

Hire a Ghost Writer…

hire a ghost writer

By Karen Cole – Head of Ghost Writer, Inc.

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  • You should consider doing this, as it will probably greatly elevate your work. Of course, you must find and hire the right ghost writer first. You don’t need to use a rank amateur who will do no better, and possibly worse, of a job than you would do yourself.

If you hire a ghost writer – do your research carefully first!

When you’re planning to hire a ghost writer, always ask to see their credentials. Although this is a bit problematic, as most ghost writers are not allowed to discuss their work or their clients’ names, a good ghost writer will be able to show you a sample portfolio from the clients who are willing to allow them to show some of their work, and also some of the ghost writer’s work under their own name.

Also, ask to see recommendations. This is generally easier for the ghost writer you want to hire, and they should be able to give you quite a few excellent recommendations. Make sure you write to and confirm them before you proceed with the ghost writing work. Once you have enough credentials and recommendations, you can hire a ghost writer while feeling sure that they have the experience you need for your project.

About the Author

Karen Cole is a book ghost writer with a team of book, screenplay and music ghost writers who can perform almost any type of ghost writing work. Her website is at www.rainbowriting.com and she is always ready to assist you in whatever kind of work you need, also sometimes being available to take on your project herself. Ghost Writer, Inc. also has partners who perform book marketing and promotions, and book self and commercial publishing services such as proposal and query writing.