Relating to a book explaining what are pageant dreams, and how they pertain to empowerment and feminism. Book worked on by Ghost Writer, Inc. Edited by Karen S. Cole. The below is being used as an excerpt via Contract with the book’s author clients. It’s a bit lengthy. But I want you to read this whole thing, because the two young ladies involved are on a mission: they want to be real feminists! And they are running in both the Miss Universe and the Miss America pageant systems.

FIND YOUR PASSION: FOLLOW YOUR DREAM (What are American beauty pageants)?

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Professional Ghost Writer



IT ISN’T A GOOD IDEA, so they say. Professional ghostwriter, you scoff? Definitely, you need to hire a professional quality book editor, or other type of ghostwriter. For any kind of ghost writing, editing, marketing or commercial publishing services. Because you will get shoddy, inferior work if you aren’t willing to pay a reasonable amount  for it. A professional book ghost is a somebody, not a nobody. But Ghost Writer, Inc. charges you only what you can afford – laid out in a legal, binding contract…

CHEAP GHOST WRITER – Professional Ghostwriter?

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Ghost Writer Book

GHOST WRITER BOOK – deal or no deal?

Ghost Writer Book or Movie Deal? Well there is a lot more to it than that…

Hi, I am Karen S. Cole. What is a ghost writer book? It’s a book you write, as our author client. It’s called a ghost writer book due to its nature. It is one a professional ghostwriter has carefully crafted, with your assistance. You supply the ghost with a book outline, a book timeline, background notes and other research documents. The ghost supplies you with a ghost writer book, in the end actually a book manuscript.

If you work with us at Ghost Writer, Inc., you get the full package. The GWI ghost will ghostwrite, edit, proofread and professionally format your book manuscript for one total price. However, due to the need for a second set of eyes to go over your work, you will need to provide another editor. This can simply be you! You go over the work during the course of completion of the book manuscript, checking for factual errors. You also check for grammar, spelling and syntax mistakes, and make suggestions. When you hire GWI to create a ghost writer book, you are involved in the process.

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