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IT ISN’T A GOOD IDEA, so they say. Professional ghostwriter, you scoff? Definitely, you need to hire a professional quality book editor, or other type of ghostwriter. For any kind of ghost writing, editing, marketing or commercial publishing services. Because you will get shoddy, inferior work if you aren’t willing to pay a reasonable amount  for it. A professional book ghost is a somebody, not a nobody. But Ghost Writer, Inc. charges you only what you can afford – laid out in a legal, binding contract…

CHEAP GHOST WRITER – Professional Ghostwriter?

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Ghost Write

Ghost Write or ghost write? By a book ghost writer or ghostwriter.

By Karen S. Cole – I ghost write or assist for books, screenplays, music and other freelance writing / editing projects. All for upfront payment only – most of the time…

Why do I ghost write – what’s in it for me?

This time of year, I start thinking how grateful I am. I can ghost write, and I’m a book ghost writer. It’s a fairly steady job, pursuit and income, and it’s the culmination of what I have always dreamed about. I first became a professional freelance writer in 1980. The hours were long, and I had to answer to a managing editor or other boss. Now I am able to be my own boss, set my own pay and hours, etc.

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Ghostwriter Professional – What we will do for you!

What can we do for you, as your ghostwriter professional? Read on…

By Karen Cole – 

ghostwriter professional

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I am writing this article under request by someone who needed some integral questions about ghostwriting answered. I am going to take on these questions one at a time, and try to answer them as fully as a ghostwriter professional can.

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