Award Winning Book Ghostwriter

I am an award winning book ghostwriter. Several blue-ribbon awards at, Ambassador of Poetry and other awards at, awarded by the American Literary Arts Association, won topic award for Serious World Politics on Google Blogger, won the Top 40 (#18) Ghostwriting Blogs, Erotic Arts Short Story Contests, etc. —

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award winning book ghostwriter

Award Winning Book Ghostwriter at Your Service! 

Hi, I may have liked your pages on Facebook, followed you on Twitter, or on your author blog or other social network sites, such as Goodreads, LinkedIn, Amazon, etc. If not yet, tell me about your pages and sites, and I will follow them much as I can!

Please do take the time to explore NYT and Amazon Bestselling Book Ghostwriter and Amazon Bestseller Author Karen S. Cole’s Ghost Writer, Inc. pages, websites, social networks and books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, too! I am an award winning book ghostwriter since 2003, winning awards for my short stories, my editing work, and my poetry compilations and other articles such as travelogues, health, medical and safety articles, etc.

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