Professional Book Editing


Why You Need to Hire a Seasoned, Experienced and Published Book Editor – 

By Karen Cole – 

Professional Book Editing

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What is Professional Book Editing about?

I have been a ghost writer online since 2003, and a professional editor on and off since before 1980, so you might want to consider this article on how editing is very important for book authors. In fact, it’s also about how editing is important to ghost writers – many ghosts make their “main money” from book editing, so a lot of them are really only book manuscript editors and not ghost writers per se.

When you present your manuscript to a literary or book agent, or even a commercial publisher, it is CRUCIAL for the book to be ready to run and print. At least in professional book manuscript layout, if not fully camera-ready yet! If it’s full of typos, spelling errors, syntax dilemmas and problems with the overall writing, the agent normally turns away from it. There will be better-written books out there instead!

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