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New York Times bestseller ghostwriter – also Amazon bestselling ghostwriter and editor Karen S. Cole – text or call me, I’m here weekdays mostly:
425.205.9707 or karen@rainbowriting.com

Hi, I’m Karen S. Cole! Amazon New York Times and NYT bestselling ghostwriter. Of ghost writer book and movie fame – including major books, films and documentaries.

New York Times Bestseller Ghostwriter

AFFORDABLE, PROFESSIONAL BOOK GHOST WRITING. This matters to you as a newbie manuscript writer or published book author. I am a New York Times, Amazon and NYT best seller ghost writer. I’m well-known within certain publishing circles. I work with select newbie clients for only $5,000 to $25,000 USD. It’s on up to $50,000 USD (for other celebrity-oriented members of our team) per 50-400 page manuscript.

We work for far less for editing, book doctoring, coaching, and developmental rewriting projects. Not the hugely gouging amounts of $30,000 to $300,000 other name book ghostwriters command for their flat-out expensive ghostwriting services. I’ve been in this business for well over a decade. And I’ve been a freelance writer for some three decades. I mean to help you sell your books!

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Book Ghost Writing

Book Ghost Writing as a Process…

book ghost writing

By Karen Cole – 

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What’s book ghost writing about, exactly?

It’s an interesting relationship between a book ghost writer and her client, the book author. The client has the original ideas for the work, and the ghost writer is there to bring them to full fruition. In other words, they work on the book together. With the book ghost writer being a professional writer, who does most of the actual writing of the book, while the client only assists with the ideas.

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Book Ghostwriting Professional

Book Ghostwriting Professional – Communicating in a Professional Manner…

book ghostwriting professional

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  • What kind of Book Ghostwriting Professional are you?

I am a book ghostwriting professional of several years, dozens to be more exact. I have been freelance writing off and on since before 1980, but have specialized in editing as a ghost writer more recently. So I know a lot about the subject of ghost writing, and have been writing about it for several years, posting to writer’s and author’s blogs with multiple guest posts about what being a ghost writer is like.

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