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book ghostwriting

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By Karen Cole – 

What do I have to say about book ghostwriting?

It is an adventure, one which you should be willing to undertake. It involves a lot of planning and preparation, and you will need the financial resources to put forward into it. It may involve monthly payments which you should structure your budget for, and it may involved on spec payments out of whatever you actually make from your published act of book ghostwriting.

I suggest you make sure you have the time, resources and ability to apply yourself to the project. Also, you must look for the right book ghostwriter. Your book ghostwriting project is important, and is probably a lifelong goal of yours or something you need to do for your business or your family’s goal of setting something down for posterity, so you should search around carefully for a great book ghostwriter.

You must involve yourself in the process. Look through our GWI website, which you find by Googling the phrase Ghost Writer, Inc. Go search under my Articles tab, our Samples tab and the under-tabs, and the Portfolio and Resume tabs, etc.

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Book Ghost Writing

Book Ghost Writing as a Process…

book ghost writing

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What’s book ghost writing about, exactly?

It’s an interesting relationship between a book ghost writer and her client, the book author. The client has the original ideas for the work, and the ghost writer is there to bring them to full fruition. In other words, they work on the book together. With the book ghost writer being a professional writer, who does most of the actual writing of the book, while the client only assists with the ideas.

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Book Ghostwriting Professional

Book Ghostwriting Professional – Communicating in a Professional Manner…

book ghostwriting professional

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  • What kind of Book Ghostwriting Professional are you?

I am a book ghostwriting professional of several years, dozens to be more exact. I have been freelance writing off and on since before 1980, but have specialized in editing as a ghost writer more recently. So I know a lot about the subject of ghost writing, and have been writing about it for several years, posting to writer’s and author’s blogs with multiple guest posts about what being a ghost writer is like.

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