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New York Times bestseller ghostwriter – also Amazon bestselling ghostwriter and editor Karen S. Cole – text or call me, I’m here weekdays mostly:
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Hi, I’m Karen S. Cole! Amazon New York Times and NYT bestselling ghostwriter. Of ghost writer book and movie fame – including major books, films and documentaries.

New York Times Bestseller Ghostwriter

AFFORDABLE, PROFESSIONAL BOOK GHOST WRITING. This matters to you as a newbie manuscript writer or published book author. I am a New York Times, Amazon and NYT best seller ghost writer. I’m well-known within certain publishing circles. I work with select newbie clients for only $5,000 to $25,000 USD. It’s on up to $50,000 USD (for other celebrity-oriented members of our team) per 50-400 page manuscript.

We work for far less for editing, book doctoring, coaching, and developmental rewriting projects. Not the hugely gouging amounts of $30,000 to $300,000 other name book ghostwriters command for their flat-out expensive ghostwriting services. I’ve been in this business for well over a decade. And I’ve been a freelance writer for some three decades. I mean to help you sell your books!

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Ghost Writer Book

GHOST WRITER BOOK – deal or no deal?

Ghost Writer Book or Movie Deal? Well there is a lot more to it than that…

Hi, I am Karen S. Cole. What is a ghost writer book? It’s a book you write, as our author client. It’s called a ghost writer book due to its nature. It is one a professional ghostwriter has carefully crafted, with your assistance. You supply the ghost with a book outline, a book timeline, background notes and other research documents. The ghost supplies you with a ghost writer book, in the end actually a book manuscript.

If you work with us at Ghost Writer, Inc., you get the full package. The GWI ghost will ghostwrite, edit, proofread and professionally format your book manuscript for one total price. However, due to the need for a second set of eyes to go over your work, you will need to provide another editor. This can simply be you! You go over the work during the course of completion of the book manuscript, checking for factual errors. You also check for grammar, spelling and syntax mistakes, and make suggestions. When you hire GWI to create a ghost writer book, you are involved in the process.

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Book Writer Ghost

Book Writer Ghost – I am also an artist who does Fantasy and Native American art. Hire me to do my or your version of Northwest Native, Southwest Native, and other indigenous-inspired fantasy art involving Dr. Seuss-style friendly monsters…

Writing is an Art Form – GHOST WRITER BOOK – 

book writer ghost

Writing is always an art form, signifying different things to different types of people.

Every now and then I contemplate my career as a writer. I used to be an artist, back before I became disabled, and I drew pictures in pen and ink. I was thinking of transferring over to some computer pad-style drawing technology so I could create graphics and artwork on the computer directly. But since becoming what they call “physically challenged,” I have a hard time with drawing. It’s easier just to type, edit or otherwise work with a keyboard. And I have a thirty-year-long career as a writer and editor to draw from as I continue to write every day.

It fascinates me as a ghost writer and an editor to see the many subject areas that my clients are willing to create books about. One will want to write his or her life story, such as the author who approached me recently regarding his life story as a transgender person. Another will want to write a children’s fantasy chapter book, an adult science fiction dark fantasy warehouse party series of books, a how to book on beauty and fashion, a book about a Jewish uprising…etc., etc., etc. There is no limit to the types of subjects my authors, many of whom are putting out their very first books, will want to write about.

Some are the type of book which may or may not sell all that well, while others are almost a guaranteed best seller, having a crowd of buyers ready to purchase the books. I prefer working with the first group of authors, even though their books don’t pay as much money as my more lucrative authors’ books do. It warms my soul to support first timers who have an interesting story to put out before the reading public.

Book Writer Ghost – What is a book but the most explicit of art forms?

I think it lends the greatest justice to my lengthening writing and editing career to help people get out the work that holds the most promise over time, not the most best selling work that is only timely and lucrative and which will soon gather only dust somewhere. Writing is an art form, not a mass market for producing coffee table books that sell. But if you have a salable, marketable property, commercial, independent or self publishing (such as an ebook) is possible. We here at GWI will find, with your cooperation, a “home” or Internet place for your book.